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August 31, 2008


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For those of you who would like to supplement your history studies with a fun addition you should check out Dig magazine. This is an exciting magazine exploring the world of archeology. Dig is published by Cobblestone which has a wide variety of terrific magazines for kids. Dig is geared for students ages 9-14 and can add new dimensions to your study of Ancient History.

If you are in my History class we will be taking orders in September to subscribe. A regular subscription is $33.95 for a year (9 issues), however if we have several people ordering together the cost goes down to $21 for the year. If you follow this link you can also check out how to order back issues, download quizzes, games, and teacher ideas. The following is a description of the magazine that I copied off the website.

Experience the thrill of archaeological discovery with DIG magazine! Explore the caverns of an ancient shipwreck or read what it feels like to discover a new tomb in China. DIG is packed with mummies, pyramids, dinosaurs, and more. Plus, DIG gives kids the latest news on archaeology—and explains how ancient ideas shape our world today. Each issue is filled with fascinating articles and photos that inspire kids’ imaginations. Plus DIG is fun. Chock-full of hands-on puzzles, games, and projects, DIG gets kids involved. Kids can decode an ancient language or make a 3000-year-old recipe, or send in their own art. Published with the Archaeological Institute of America, DIG lets young people share in the thrill of archaeological discovery while learning about the cultural, scientific, and architectural traits and beliefs of different societies. Recent developments in the field of archaeology form the magazine’s core subject matter. Each issue focuses on one theme, providing a broad understanding of the topic. Colorful graphics, photos, puzzles, games, and hands-on projects enhance cognitive and critical thinking skills.


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