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February 25, 2010

Study list for the Middle Ages

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For my students.  Tomorrow we will be doing an assessment of how much you have been taking in recently.  Below are the topics that you will be expected to know something about.  You’ll have the topic, you will write what you remember about it.  (Yes Zach, you must write it out.)  I’m including some links to stories we have read in class and some post on the website.  Reminder, if you are still in elementary school basic definitions and understanding is great.  Jr. High…you should have some more details.  High School…besides a basic understanding you should be able to state why these things are significant historically, if you can show how they affected history that would be good. If you have been listening in class and reading your book this will be a snap.  If not…..

This website will have brief bios of some of the people to refresh your memory.  Just click on the name you want on the bottom of the page.


Attila the Hun


Coat of Arms

Cathedrals – include construction, their importance, what makes something a cathedral.  Include the ideas of sacred relics and pilgrims.

Castles – under this category include description of seige warfare, how castles were designed and defended, weapons of the era.

Constantinople and the Hagai Sophia  Include the some of the history of the city, it’s importance in the development of the Eastern church, what became of it.

Monks, monastaries, illuminated manuscripts and the role they played in preserving knowledge.

Explain the Feudal system, the role of knights, and the Code of Chivalry

The Crusades

Islam, the five pillars, Saldin

Mongols – Ghengis Khan

The Diaspora – The clever Jew

William the Conqueror

Alfred the Great

King John and the Magna Carta


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