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March 4, 2010

Essay Writing class update.

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My Essay writing class has been working on writing explications. For the first few assignments students were free to choose which pieces their would explicate.  This week they were to work on either Psalm 1, or a poem called ‘Peace Wall’.  If you are choosing to use Peace Wall you will probably need to google and get some basics about the conflict in Northern Ireland as that provides the background for the poem.  Apologies, due to illness this wasn’t up earlier in the week.

Peace Wall  by Tim Bagdanov

Hail Mary – where a passing bus

swirls gutter leaves to air;

and where shards of brick and glass

are spread over gravel like un-

answered prayers.  Here,

one avoids windows by night

and herds kids to bed

through bleating sirens.

Full of Grace – over there

is a park where no children

play, spine of cement

and barbed wire down the center.

Here, rosary beads are never

innocuous; they scream and wriggle

out prayers of their own.  Here,

it is never known when Peace

will be shattered with a yell

and the yellow stare

of a tiger.


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