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March 4, 2010

Writing a research paper, an example. Blood on the Streets: Northern Ireland

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The following paper was written by my son Caleb when he was a Senior in High School.  I’m posting it because some of my student’s (and their parents) wanted an example of a research essay.  Just a note, when I moved it over from my documents, it messed with the layout some and I’ve chosen not to go back and re-space things.

This paper involved a great deal of research before the writing began. but the actual writing was done in a few days.  Here are some things students should be aware of.  This was a historical paper so the pointers I will give below are specific to that genre.

  • Give a strong opening.
  • Vary sentence structure.
  • Pay attention to word choices choosing concise, clear words.
  • Avoid starting sentences with ‘This’ which is weak, instead restate what you are referring back to in a strong way.
  • Make sure when you use pronouns, that it is clear what they refer back to.
  • Provide more than one point of view, or examine several sides of the issue.
  • Place your topic in historical context…what led up to the events.
  • Stick to one cohesive idea within each paragraph and provide transitions to the next.
  • Provide  analysis and original thinking.
  • Tie your ending into your intro. to provide continuity.
  • Proofread your paper for grammatical and spelling errors
  • Have someone else proofread your paper and provide feedback, not just on making corrections, but on anything that is unclear.
  • The presentation of facts and ideas should flow in a logical sequence.
  • Explain or define unfamiliar vocabulary or references.

To view the paper click here.


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