Substantive Education

October 25, 2011

Homework due Fri. Oct. 28

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Chemistry –  Next week we will be having the test on Module 4.

Latin 3 – Next week we will be beginning Chapter 3…read the chapter, copy boxes.

Marine Biology – We are finishing up the section on pinnipeds…Chapter 3.

Writing 1 – Read the first 7 pages from the Critical Thinking Handout.

History – Read in the hand out through the page about the causes of World War 1.

Writing 2 –  Write a 5 paragraph essay on why Jr. High kids should be allowed to go to the mall alone (alone meaning with friends, not with an adult.)

Greek Mythology – There will be a test on The Lightening Thief.

General Science – We will be going over the study guide and doing experiments for Module 4.


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