Substantive Education


Last week we didn’t meet because of the field trip.  You were supposed to take the test on Mod. 2 at home and begin Mod. 3.  We will be beginning to work on that module.  Some of you are already falling behind….bad idea.  Get on it.

Sept. 6.  Keep working on Module 2.  You will meet again at 12:30 during classes, take your tests at home.  No Chemistry next week due to field trip…but start Module 3.

Homework for Sept. 22.  STudents should be ready for the test on Friday…then on Monday we will begin working on Module 2.

Homework given Sept. 15th.  Finish Mod. 1, all of the study guide, and the practice problems.  We will be going over the rest of the material next Tuesday and the tests will be given on Friday, Sept. 25th.

Homework given Sept. 8  Begin work on Module 1 and do the corresponding On Your Own and Study Guide questions.

We have decided to take the tests for Chemistry during free periods on Fridays, so that we have more time on Tuesdays to work together.  This still only gives you two weeks per module. You do not want to fall behind or try to do this course work in one day.  You won’t be able to keep up.  Stay on top of it.


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