Substantive Education

Elementary Science

Homework assigned October 2nd.  do the handouts that you were given in glass on the three types of rocks, use your rock books as a starting place.  You can continue to visit the websites below to review what you’ve been learning, and to see the different types of rock.

Homework assigned Sept. 18th.  This week we discussed igneous rocks.  Igneous rocks are formed when a volcano erupts and magma flows up through the earth and hardens.  The rocks can be intrusive (under the top layer of the earth…these rocks have to be unburied) or extrusive, rocks on the surface.  To illustrate this we grated up crayons to be our minerals, then melted them into ‘lava’ in muffin tins…then allowed them to harden into igneous rocks.

For homework kids need to look up igneous rocks on the internet and look at some.  Here are some sites that will get them started.  (Although we have only covered this rock type, if they want to keep cruising around the sites and learn more that is fine…the more repetition of the material the better.)

Site One

Site Two

Site Three

Homework assigned on Sept. 11th.

We have started our rock study and many of the kids would like to bring some rocks that they have to share.  This is perfectly fine.  Our kids don’t get a ‘show and tell’ time and getting up in the front of class and sharing is part of why we get together for these classes. (On the other hand, they can quickly get carried away, so help them to focus on rocks to bring in, and they will have to wait for another time to bring their goldfish or puppy.)

We are studying the characteristics that scientist use to classify rocks into different groups.  Each child is to bring in a rock that they can use to perform experiments on.  Over the weeks we are working on this students will also be making a book about their rock.  The rock they choose should not be too large, no bigger than your thumb, so that we can attach it in a ziplock bag to their book.

The kids wrote down definitions in class, next week we will be making a tool to help them learn those definitions, but for now have them review them a few times.  I also told the kids I would give them a few sites they can go to to find out more about rocks…so here they are.

Lots of separate sites on rocks you can explore

A rock slideshow

On this site you can read all about rocks and then take a quiz.

Course Description

This year we will be covering many of the topics that fall under the hading of Physical Science.  We will be starting out the year with topic of rocks and minerals.  As I researched this over the summer I think I got carried away.  There is so much great information, experiments, and exploring for us to do…I’m really excited about it.  There is no book this year, but there will be homework and some reading that can be done online.  Other topics we will be covering are weather, atoms, electricity, and basic chemistry.  While all of the life science topics we have focused on the past few years are lots of fun, this years topics lend themself well to a lot of experiments and hands on exploring.


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