Substantive Education

Latin 1

See course description at the bottom of the page.

We had a field trip last week so on Oct. 20th we will have the quiz on Chapters 1-3.  Homework for next week, copy the boxes and vocab. for Chapter 4.

Homework given on Oct. 6th.  We will be having a quiz next week on chapters 1-3.  You need to know your vocabulary, be able to conjugate verbs in the Present tense, decline First declension nouns, and do some translation exercises.

Homework given on Sept. 15th  Copy boxes for Chapter two, begin learning the vocabulary and the endings.  This is a foundational chapter and you need to work on declining your nouns.  Declining a noun just means saying the noun as you go through the different cases.

Homework given on Sept. 8th

Set up your notebooks, instructions are in Chapter 1 of your book.  Read the chapter and copy the boxes into your notebook.

We will be starting Latin I on Tuesdays.  For this class students need to purchase “The Latin Road to English Grammar’  Year 1.  They will also need a three ring notebook, notebook paper, and 10 tabs to set up their notebook.  This course involves a lot of information so you need a large notebook, several inches at the binding.

This is a comprehensive Latin course with a strong emphasis on grammar.  Students will master English grammar as they learn Latin…they will also greatly expand their vocabularies as they begin to recognize Latin root words in our English language. For more the many benefits of taking Latin, you can follow this link.


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  1. what do u mean chapters? for latin book? i dont geat it and im not going to be at class this weak witch wood be the 24th dylan has baseball turniment in arizona so im staying with my ant for the wea-OK im giving full details so yes so is there anything that i dont hough to do sence im not going to be there?

    Comment by desiree — September 20, 2010 @ 9:57 pm | Reply

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