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Okay, so much to know about Greece, but I think most of you have a pretty good grasp of the basics now. Remember, while I can only give one test, for the younger kids this is more of an exposure time, they are not going to remember all of the details. You high Schoolers on the other hand, this is foundational stuff for our own country, so put in some effort.

These are concepts, people, and events you should be comfortable with by now. If you have been reading in your history books, you’ve been covering the same ground. If something totally baffles you, I’d suggest googling it and I’m sure once your memory is jogged you’ll be good.

For the test you should also know some details about Alexander the great.

1,190-s is when the legendary Trojan War took place. Whether true or not this corresponds to the burning of Troy. You should know the basics of the story as this is a central myth of Greek mythology. (And even if the war really did take place, parts of the story still fall under the category of myth.)

1,100 BC Establishing of city-states with monarchies throughout Greece

1,000 bc Some Greeks (Dorians) migrate to Asia Minor (modern day Turkey)

800-700 BC some monarchies are beginning to be replaced with aristocratic republics.

776 BC First Olympic Games are held.

566BC The Festivals at the Parthenon begin

546BC Persians invade Greek settlements in Asia Minor

507 BC Cleisthenes establishes a democratic constitution in Athens

490 BC 1st Persian Invasion and the battle of Marathon

480 BC 2nd Invasion by the Persians. Spartans are defeated at Thermopylae, Athens is occupied, Fianlly the Persians are defeated at Salames

Also the founding of the Delian League. This was made up of 150 city-states who united together under the leadership of Athens to defend and avenge themselves against the Persians.

479 BC Persians are defeated at Platae.

448 BC Peace with Persia

443-429 BC Pericles is the leader of Athens during it’s Golden Age.

431-404 BC Peloponnesian War (Between Athens and Sparta)

430 BC the plague hits Athens

411 BC Athenians revolt

404 BC Athens surrenders to Sparta

395-340 BC Ongoing Warfare between the rival Greek Leagues

371 BC Thebes defeats Sparta at Leuctra becoming one of the major players.

338 BC Philip of Macedonia leads the Greek City States and expands their borders

336-323 Alexander the Great reigns. He expands the holding of Greece clear to India, but dies quite young with no successor and so ends the Classical Period of Greek History.

Upon his death three of Alexanders generals divide up the kingdom and rule as kings in the various areas. After some fighting amongst themselves it breaks down with Greece ruled by Antigonus, Mesopotamia ruled by Seleucid, and Egypt ruled by Ptolemy.

323-148 BC The city states exist fairly independently with frequent wars.

200-196 BC The first Roman victories as they begin to invade Greece.

148 BC Macedonia becomes a Roman Province.

146 BC Corinth is destroyed by the Romans.

86 BC Athens is sacked by Sulla. (Roman)

This is the end of the Hellenistic age.


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