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Shakespeare Homework Page

For January we will be working on the scenes for a portion of each class.  Students need to be memorizing their scenes, and continuing to read through the play.  In class we will be working on some of the themes presented and more of the language that Shakespeare used.

December: We have moved on and are now working on A Midsummer Nights Dream. Make sure you have a copy of the play for class.

HOmework Due on Halloween…You should be done with Act 4, Only 2 more weeks on this play, so you should be working through your book.

Homework Due October 24th

Read Act 4 and do the scene summaries in your notebooks. We will be performing on Friday, so be ready.

Homework Due October 17

You should KNOW your lines for practicing the scene in class. Finish all worksheets on Act 3 and make sure you are familiar with it.

Homework Due October 10

Read Act 3 and do the scene summaries in your notebooks. You should also be working on memorizing lines you were assigned in class.

Homework Due Octber 3.

Reread Act 2. This is an important Act as many of the turns in the plot happen during this time. Record anything you have learned about themes, symbols. Some of that information should be on the Close Reading pages that you did. We will discuss what you learned during that in class next week.

Homework Due Sept. 26.

Read Act 2 and do the logs. Begin to fill in the other pages of your notebook as you discover information about characters and themes.

Homework Due Sept. 19.

Reread Scene 1. You are going to be doing a character analysis, so choose which character you want to follow through the play and begin to take notes on them, note lines that helped you.


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