Substantive Education


Homework Due Octber 3.

Reread Act 2.  This is an important Act as many of the turns in the plot happen during this time.  Record anything you have learned about themes, symbols.  Some of that information should be on the Close Reading pages that you did.  We will discuss what you learned during that in class next week.

Homework Due Sept. 26.

Read Act 2 and do the logs.  Begin to fill in the other pages of your notebook as you discover information about characters and themes.

Homework Due Sept. 19.

Reread Scene 1. You are going to be doing a character analysis, so choose which character you want to follow through the play and begin to take notes on them, note lines that helped you.


Homework Due Sept. 12.

Read Act one and complete Twelfth Night Log. There is one log for each scene, so give yourself time. Scene 5 is longer than the rest. If you were not in class for this week read each scene in Act one and record a summary of the action, any personal thoughts or connections that you see, find one memorable line, and one new vocabulary word. You need to record these things for each scene.


We will be studying three plays in Shakespeare this year. These will be Twelfth Night, A Midsummer’s Nights Dream, and Henry IV, Part 1. I would suggest that students purchase the Folger’s edition of these plays, they should be about $6. There will also be books that I’ve put together on each play, the three books will cost $25. If you wish, you can purchase the No Fear, or Shakespeare Made Easy, which provides an original text, and on the opposite page, one in modern English. We will only be using the original text in class.

Understanding the story line is only one part of studying Shakespeare, another important component is understanding and appreciating the language and themes. This year we will be taking a more active approach by dividing the kids into acting corps and having them work more independently with the scenes. Help, explanations, and lectures on the material will still play a part but Shakespeare was meant to be acted and watched, not just read.

This class works well with a wide variety of ages and I’m really looking forward to doing these three plays. If you have any props or costumes that you would like to donate to the cause, please let me know.


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