Substantive Education

Test on Ancient Rome

These are the essay questions that will be on the test….along with a list of people you should know something about

The founding of Rome involves two brothers, give me a quick summary of the story?

The Punic Wars were fought with Carthage…give me some highlights.

Tell me about two different men of Rome who changed Rome’s history.

Tell me about one Woman who changed Rome’s history?

Tell me about one enemy of Rome?

What role did soldiers play in Rome history, how were they treated, to whom were they loyal, what problems did this solve, what did it create?

Many things led to the Fall of Rome…what were some of them?

What are some of the ways Rome has contributed to our lives and history?

Here are some key people, vocabulary and terms

Romulus and Remus

Sabine Women


Plebeians and Patricians

Roman Republic


Imperial Rome


Julius Caesar

Marc Anthony

Augustus Caesar


Punic Wars



Slave Rebellions


Civil Wars





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