Substantive Education


Homework Due Sept. 19. In class we are going to be working on the African continent.  Review what we have learned so far, I would prefer you not get to ahead of us, but really work on knowing what we have done so far.  Review the information on the whole world, seas, continents etc.  It’s good to have an atlas to work from…if you have one bring it to class.  You can also use the internet to do additional research and to help you find anything you are having trouble with.

Our first Country project will be on a country in Africa.  Now would be a good time to start deciding on which country you want to study in more depth.  If you have done a country report before on an African nation, pick a different one.

I’m waiting one more week to hand out the books for this class, so that I can get all of the orders in.  Check with your parents that they have ordered and paid for your book so you can get it next week.

Homework Due Sept. 12. Finish labeling your world map with the physical features list. If you were not in class you will have to wait til next week to get your maps and get started. Make sure I know that you are in the class so we have enough copies.

Love this class!!! By the end of the year your child will be able to map the world by heart. It seems impossible, but by the end of the year students can fill in all of the countries on every continent, label the oceans and seas…many capitals, mountain ranges, lakes, and rivers. Along with that we will also focus in on a couple of countries to study more in depth (new ones each time we do the course.) and students will be doing some of their own individual studies. We have even had a few high school students at the end of the year who took a blank map and were able to draw in the boundary lines of all of the countries before they labeled them….incredible.

I remember once hearing the statistic (scary if it is true) that 80% of High School students in California couldn’t tell you what Ocean it is they go to the beach and swim in. While that seems incredibly (unbelievably) high, I do know that most American’s can’t find Iran, Iraq, or Viet Nam on a map. We live in a global society and at the very least we should have a working knowledge of where things are.

The class is appropriate for 4th grade and up. We generally have quite an age range in this class and it works out just fine. My suggestions, based on how my children did, is to do the class twice during their school years. They learn so much the first time through, but as with much memorized information it begins to get fuzzy. A second time through solidifys their knowledge.

I put together the curriculum for this class and the curriculum fee is $30. Students will get a book with tons of maps to work with. Students need a good set of colored pencils and a pencil sharpener.


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