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April 6, 2008


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One thing I’ve learned about doing science with High School students is that most concepts that they are learning can be demonstrated with common household chemicals. It’s amazing the number of concepts that can be taught with vinegar, baking soda, a balloon, and liter bottle.

On Friday my Chemistry students were doing a more advanced experiment using conversions and stoichiometry to figure the pressure of the gas within the balloon.

Once we figured the Radius of the balloon, then the volume of the balloon, found the atmospheric pressure, temperature, water vapor pressure we could calculate the pressure of the CO2 that was formed. Okay, all of that took a while and we are all very grateful for calculators. Then we could figure the moles of CO2 used in the reacation…to (with the magic of stoichiometry) figure that 4.50% of the venegar was acid. YEAH!!!

Quality Chemistry instruction all with items from the kitchen….all kitchens have extra balloons, right?


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