Substantive Education

2010-2011 Homework

Homework given on Sept. 23rd.

Lit 2. Students should be getting to the end of To Kill a Mockingbird and be able to discuss the themes etc. in the book.  Next week there will be a test in class on the book.  The next book we will be reading will be The Chosen by Chaim Potok.

To review for the test students should not just be familiar with the book, but with the information in the post on the website.


Read the second principle of journalism and answer the questions on this post.

Lit 1

You will have just taken the test on our first book.

Next we are going to be reading the book The Giver by Lois Lowry.

This book is a bit more difficult and will require some more thinking on each of your parts.  If you can get the book this week, begin reading it and record your thoughts and questions.

Bridge to Latin

This week we are learning about verbs and helping verbs.  If you would like the additional helps that I’m sending out, you need to join the email group that I am putting together.  Email me at and you will receive your weekly updates.

Music Appreciation

This week we are moving on to the music of Bach.  Read the handouts that you were given in class.


We are moving on into chapter 2.  Please read to page 26…stopping at Germination.

Homework given Sept. 10th

Lit 2 – Keep on reading.  Finish at least 6 chapters.  Write your impressions and thoughts about what you are reading in your notebooks.

Journalism – Finish the article you are writing.  Do the handouts given out in class.

Lit 1 – Continue reading in your books …  At least 6 chapters this week, more if you get caught up in the story.  Write your thoughts and impressions about what you are reading in your notebooks.

Bridge to Latin – Hopefully most of you are getting your books now.

Music Appreciation – Review the information about Vivaldi that we went over in class.  If you have time search on the internet for his works and listen to some.

Botany – Finish reading the first chapter.  If you have purchased the notebook, start finishing those pages that have to do with the first chapter.  You will have another week to finish those up.  For those of you without the notebook, finish the homework sheets that I gave out in class.  (If you have the notebook, you don’t need the homework sheets.)

Homework given Sept. 3rd.

Lit 2 – Read first 6 Chapters of To Kill a Mockingbird and write down your impressions, questions etc.

Journalism – Begin working on an article about a topic of your choice.

Lit 1 – Read first 4 Chapters of From the Mixed Up Files and write down what your think of Claudia, Jamie etc.

Bridge to Latin – As we are waiting for everyone to get their books, review the definitions of

  • Declarative Sentence
  • Imperative Sentence
  • Interrogative Sentence
  • Exclamatory Sentence
  • Noun

Also review how you are to mark up a sentence…first by separating the subject from the predicate with a slash.  Then underline the subject, double underline the verb, and circle the direct object.

Music Appreciation

I will be making a regular post on the blog for students to read.  It will post on Tuesday.


Read the first 7 pages of the book.

Also, if possible, make the light hut that is at the end of the first chapter.  We will be potting some herbs next week and the light hut will enable us to grow them faster to use in some experiments and illustrations.


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  1. Kelly, I have a request…. If at all possible could you post which Bridge to Latin pages you will be covering in class each week. My kids are sharing a book and it would be helpful if I could photocopy each weeks pages before hand.

    Comment by Linda Giannakakos — September 7, 2010 @ 5:09 pm | Reply

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