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Ancient History

Since we will have a variety of ages in this course our book list will be slightly different depending on the age of your child. Those of you with younger Jr. High or late elementary school students may still wish to buy the high school text, but know that students will need assistance to move through it.

I realize that most high school students have a great deal of reading to do, but I am including the books for the younger students as well as their own when I give homework. These are quick reads and will add a lot to their study including making many of the details more memorable. The text for the high school students will cover the topics with more depth and analysis, but that doesn’t discount the advantages that some of these ‘easier’ books have. If your high schooler finds themselves overwhelmed during the school year then they can read the assignments in the high school book only…but I really think they will be missing out.

Be sure to check out the supplemental reading page on my website. Here you can find a variety of books to add in during the school year that will greatly enhance your study. These books can also be used to create your literature course for this year.

For Elementary and Jr. High Students (8th graders should be strongly encouraged to jump up to the High School text.)

The Story of the World, History For the Classical Child. Volume I: Ancient Times, by Susan Wise Bauer.

For High School Students

The History of The Ancient World, by Susan Wise Bauer

For Everyone

The Pharohs of Ancient Egypt, by Elizabeth Payne

Please distinguish this from Tales of Ancient Egypt which tells about their god’s etc. Both are great books, but this one is more of a history.

Famous Men of Greece, by John Haaren and Addison B. Poland

Augustus Caesar’s World, by Genevieve Foster

Students will also need a three ring binder as there will be many handouts and maps.

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