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FIELD TRIPS 2008-2009

The information provided here is subject to change and I’m just providing it to help you in your planning and anticipation of the coming year. Note there is information about various Shakespeare plays being performed. Not all of these are field trips, as I am going to try to stick to productions of the plays we will be studying…however, I’ve included the information in case your families would like to attend.

Please check this page for updates and changes. Many places do not let us book this far in advance.


Raging Waters

We will be heading to Raging Waters on August 26th for our traditional first day of school. We will meet out front at 9:30. Please make every attempt to be on time. We have to collect the money and purchase our tickets, which can take some time. I will be purchasing tickets at 9:45, after that you may have to pay full admission, which is $11 more. The park opens at 10:00 and closes at 6:00. It costs $24 for people over 48 inches tall, $20 for those under 48 inches. Because they have changed how they do the meal deals, (I had to purchase them when I made this reservation) we will not have the meal deals available. There is a picnic area that you can go to to eat, or purchase food at the going (theme park) rate.


30th Rubidoux Nature Center is booked. We will be doing a study on mammals and their habitiats. This should be a perfect compliment to our Elementary Science class.

Twelfth Night will be performed at Cal Poly Pomona in September. I’ve spoken to the ticket office and we will be going on Friday Sept. 19th. They are discounting the tickets for us to $10 dollars. I will need the money by Tuesday classes on Sept. 16th. They will be saving our seats so there will be no refunds. Tickets are $12 for students, and $15 for adults. We will be trying to get reservations for this performance.

Romana Bowl will be doing the Tempest in September 12th and 13 and 19 and 20. Tickets 12.50 students 15 for adults.


Live Oak Canyon Pumpkin Patch We will be going there on October 7th instead of going to the park.

Animal Grossology – R.H. Fleet Museum in San Diego. We have booked this trip for October 21. We have also booked an Owl Pellet dissection for 30 students.

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Take the 215 South and merge onto the 15 South

Take exit 12 for State Hwy 163 S

Merge onto 163 S

From the 163 South, take the Interstate 5 south / Park Blvd. interchange.

Stay in the right lane and take the Park Blvd. exit.

Turn left on Park Blvd. Go through two lights and then make a left turn at Space Theater Way into our parking lot.

Farmer’s Fair October 4-12.


18th Living Desert is booked.

The Old Globe will be performing a Midsummers Nights Dream in November from the 8th to the 16th. We Will try to book this one.


San Diego Zoo. $6 for students $10 for adults. Not booked yet, but they don’t forsee any problems.


We will hopefully be going to the Richard Nixon Presidential Library, not booked yet.


11th. Have received confirmation of a visit to the Getty in Malibu. This is a trip to their Malibu campus. The Malibu campus is a Roman Villa with focused collections of Greek, Etruscan, and Roman antiquities. We have reservations for students in 6-12 grades, if we don’t fill these spots we will go younger. We will be taught by professional museum educators and will study a limited number of objects in depth. The lessons are highly participatory engaging small groups in discussion, writing, role-playing, and in some cases, art-making activities.


We have a confirmed date to go to the J. Paul Getty Museum at the Getty Center in Los Angeles.  We will have a guided lesson taught by Museum educaters.  During this time students study a limited number of objects in depth rather than tour the entire collection.  The lessons are highly participatory.  Students will work in small groups and engage in discussion, writing, role-laying and, in some cases art-making activities.  We have reserved space for 50 students and 3 Chaperones.  We may not be able to let all parents tour with the group, that will be up to the docents.  Arrival times are not flexible.  There is an unsheltered outdoor picnic area available on the Lower Tram Level for school groups to use at pre-scheduled times.  Our arrival time is 10:30. we can use the picnic area from 10:45 to 11:15.  Our tour is at 11:30.


Have requested a tour “Follow the Bard” at the Old Globe Theatre…waiting to hear


Norton Simon

The Redlands Shakespeare Festival is in May. In 2009 they will be doing The Tempest, Hamlet, and Measure for Measure.




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