Substantive Education


I decided I needed a place where I could make it easy for readers to find homeschool information (as opposed to posts about art, family etc.)  So here are some of what I have up on homeschooling.

If you haven’t yet, I would first check out our Philosophy of Education.

We should be less concerned…

Are parents qualified to teach their children?

What about Socialization?

Keeping the Doors Open

Homeschooling Might be for you

Classes, Sports, Theatre…How much is too much?


A Commitment as School Starts

Parental Authority

Water Day…or yes Grandma, they really do socialize.

So your kids want to play sports…

How much help is too much?

How much help is too much…Part 2

Fear is a poor motivator


The Classical Method

The Charlotte Mason Method

Charlotte Mason

The Schooling Method

Hate History?

Why teach Shakespeare?

Introducing Students to Art

Using the Scientific Method to do Science Fair Projects

Learning in the Garden Part I

Learning in the Garden Part II

Are School killing our kids creativity?

Shakespeare Writing Exercise

Simple Writing Exercise Number 1

Simple writing Exercise Number 2

Simple Writing Exercise Number 3

Simple Writing Exercise Number 4

Simple Writing Exercise Number 5

Three keys to Great Writing

Teaching Children About God Part 1

Teaching Children About God Part 2

Shark Dissections

Chemistry Experiment

Making Fossils

Play Dough

Charter Schools vs. Homeschools


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